1. Director′s Message

    Acting as a partner and supporting those
    suffering from chronic kidney disease so that
    they can fully enjoy each day

  2. Features of Our Clinic

    Like a family, we warmly provide
    the most advanced medical care.

  3. Clinic Facilities

    We provide safe and clean dialysis treatment tailored to each patient using the latest equipment and heeding infection control measures.

  4. Cooperation with University Hospitals and General Hospitals

    We can promptly invite doctors and
    provide references to university hospitals
    and general hospitals.

  5. Free Shuttle Service

    A dedicated driver from our clinic
    will pick you up at your home

  6. Access

    A great aspect of our clinic is that
    it can be accessed easily

Director's Message

Our clinic opened in Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo in 1992. By means of contributions to dialysis treatment, we have supported and acted as a partner to those suffering from chronic kidney disease so that they can fully enjoy each day.
I was assigned to this clinic in April 2020. Prior to this, I was a member of the Department of Nephrology at Juntendo University, where I conducted clinical and research activities focused on nephrology. It is very important for medical staff involved with kidney disease to not only understand the disease, but also each patient's character, way of thinking, and living environment, etc. During treatment, cooperation and collaboration with multiple professions is required in order to select a treatment method that matches each patient's age, gender, and living environment. To achieve this goal, we build a trusting relationship with our patients by communicating with them, and all of our staff will make every effort to bring a smile to each patient's face based on our philosophy of "warmly providing safe and reliable medical care like a family to our patients."
For patients who require dialysis, we provide solid treatment options, including not only hemodialysis but also peritoneal dialysis, which reduces the frequency of hospital visits.
Also, we have established medical connections with nearby medical institutions to ensure that we can respond smoothly and promptly if necessary, so patients who undergo dialysis therapy can receive outpatient treatment with peace of mind.
With the advances in dialysis treatment, the average age of patients undergoing dialysis therapy has been increasing year by year, and it is true that there are many elderly patients, but our clinic tries to provide high-quality services including free transportation services and nursing care support so that patients can take their time and not feel stressed about commuting to the clinic.
In addition, since Japan is expecting a rapidly aging society in the future, there is an increasing number of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), a disease in which the decline in kidney function progresses over a long period of time. This number has been increasing rapidly, and it is estimated that about 13.3 million people (one in eight adults aged 20 years or older) currently suffer from CKD, making it a new nationally-prevalent disease. If CKD is left untreated, not only does it progress to end-stage renal failure that requires dialysis, but it also is a serious risk factor of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke, so early detection is vital. As a clinic that specializes in the fields of kidney and hypertension and is capable of facilitating early detection and correct treatment of CKD, we also hope to play a role as a medical institution that assists people in the community.
Please feel free to visit us for a tour and consultation.

Okachimachi Jin Clinic
Director Yasuhiko Kanaguchi

As the need for medical care continues to grow, scrutiny with regard to safety and reliability has also increased.
This is also true for the more than 330,000 people* nationwide who require dialysis therapy.
In order to respond to these social changes and people's needs, we aim to warmly provide medical hospitality that is founded on the teamwork of medical experts.
The logo of Okachimachi Jin Clinic combines an image of kidneys with arteries and veins, which represent our heart.
It symbolizes our understanding, attention to detail, solid knowledge and skills, and teamwork that acts as the framework so that we can reach each individual.
※334,505 people (December 2017, statistics from the Japanese Society of Dialysis Therapy)