1. Director′s Message

    Acting as a partner and supporting those
    suffering from chronic kidney disease so that
    they can fully enjoy each day

  2. Features of Our Clinic

    Like a family, we warmly provide
    the most advanced medical care.

  3. Clinic Facilities

    We provide safe and clean dialysis treatment tailored to each patient using the latest equipment and heeding infection control measures.

  4. Cooperation with University Hospitals and General Hospitals

    We can promptly invite doctors and
    provide references to university hospitals
    and general hospitals.

  5. Free Shuttle Service

    A dedicated driver from our clinic
    will pick you up at your home

  6. Access

    A great aspect of our clinic is that
    it can be accessed easily

In order that all of our staff can become experts with specialized knowledge and high-level skills, we provide training through our director and staff members who are experts in their respective fields. In addition, we actively participate in various academic societies and research groups to promptly respond to the ever-changing advancements in medical care and nursing. We provide safe and efficient dialysis treatment with reliable knowledge and skills, as well as teamwork that acts as the framework for such knowledge and skills.

From the Nurses

We, the nurses, will strive to continue being good partners for our patients. Rather than asking patients to change their lives to adapt to dialysis therapy, we want to work together with doctors and clinical engineers as a team to help patients thrive each day without restraint or limitations by adapting the dialysis therapy to their lifestyles.

From the Clinical Engineers

We, the clinical engineers, are technical personnel licensed by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare to operate life support systems and maintain and inspect various medical equipment under the direction of doctors. We would like to work together with doctors and nurses as a team to provide dialysis treatment in order to improve patients’ QOL (quality of life).